The Journal of Aeronautical -science and engineering- (JAse) with ISSN: 2442-6407 is an online professional journal which is published by the International Society of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace -scientists and engineers- (ISOMAse), Insya Allah, four volumes in a year which are February, May, August and November. 

The mission of the JAse is to foster free and extremely rapid scientific communication across the world wide community. The JAse is an original and peer review article that advance the understanding of both science and engineering and its application to the solution of challenges and complex problems in subsea science, engineering and technology. 

The JAse is particularly concerned with the demonstration of applied science and innovative engineering solutions to solve specific aeronautic industrial problems. Original contributions providing insight into the use of computational fluid dynamic, heat transfer, thermodynamics, experimental and  analytical, application of finite element, aircraft systems, air transportation, air traffic management, and multidisciplinary design optimization of aircraft, flight mechanics, flight and ground testing, flight safety, integration of propulsion and control systems, wing in ground effect, structural design and dynamics, aeroelasticity, aeroacoustics, meteorology and astronomi from the core of the journal contents are encouraged.