JAse welcomes manuscript submissions from academicians, scholars, and practitioners for possible publication from all over the world that meets the general criteria of significance and educational excellence. The scope of the journal is as follows:

  • Application of Computational fluid dynamic
  • Heat transfer and thermal conversion and thermodynamics
  • Experimental and analytical of aircraft
  • Application of finite element on structural design and dynamics
  • Aircraft systems, air transportation, air traffic management
  • Multidisciplinary design optimization of aircraft
  • Flight mechanics, flight and ground testing, flight safety
  • Integration of propulsion and control systems
  • Aeroelasticity, aeroacoustics, meteorology and astronomi
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • General aviation,
  • Military and civilian aircraft,
  • WIG, UAV, STOL and V/STOL,
  • Subsonic, supersonic, transonic, and hypersonic aircraft
  • Traffic and Noise