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Bismillahirrohmanirohim, Alhamdulillahhirobbilalamin
It is a distinct honor, having been appointed to be a new president of the Ocean and Aerospace Research Institute (OARI). I humbly and fully realize the gravity of the President’s duties and responsibilities.

As new born research institute, has been nearly 9 years since OARI was established, and a years since the name was changed. This research institute has gradually produced many achievements and has steadily forged a proud tradition. An increasing number of young energized and innovative people are occupied: this makes the significance of our research institute that much greater.

Till now, many maritime and aerospace technologies remain untapped, for developing marine and aerospace industries, these technologies should be exploited and utilized to secure and sustain a supply of energy and resources.

Although numerous difficult problems confront us, I sincerely hope that the members of this research institute will continue being proactive in our activities and will continue contributing to the advancement of maritime and aerospace industries. I would sincerely and humbly appreciate your continued support and guidance.


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Basic Principles

Sharing and contribution of knowledge and technologies for a safe, secure adan harmony world wide communities
Sharing and contribution of knowledge and technologies for strengthening the maritime and aerospace industries.


To be a center for innovative, creative, safe and environmental firendly.

Code of Conduct

Work flexibly with higher commitment to solve identified challenges and meeet clients’ satisfaction.

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